Shop Mobile More Submit  Join Login it turns out. I'm in a bit of a financial situation. Nothing dire but something that could be aided by....

SKETCH COMMISSIONS!! So if you're interested drop me a note.
I'm only doing Sketches really. But if you're DESPERATE for an inked or colored image send me a note and we can work something out. Colored images take me a while. Be forwarned.
However, I can knock out a pencil sketch something fierce and quickly.  Quality will be something like this… IF NOT NICER!!

Sketches start at an easy $10.
An extra whopping $2 per extra person/character.

The only thing I'm nixing are Furries. Sorry Furry kids. I just....well anyway.

Help a brutha out??

EDIT: So...this isn't really an edit on the sketch commissions. More a plea for a friend.
My friend Ana :iconmangafreak150: is getting sued because her DOGS got hit by A CAR. The owner of the car is suing for property damage. Henderson, NV is really strict on its leash laws and pet laws and the dogs are viewed as property EVEN though THEY were hit. Esentially its viewed as if your bicycle was in the road, they could sue you for having a bike in the road and THEY hit it.

So she's in more of a financial bind than I am so she's decided to sell some of her cosplay stuff. This is a much better cause than mine lol… go and help her out 8D
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July 8, 2011


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