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I have so much stuff I'm probably going to have to borrow a suitcase. Reasons why areeeee

1. SMAP Tour goods. I bought as much as I could afford but I didn't buy EVERYTHING. I didn't need a poster of Goro-chan or Kimutaku(But I wanted them anyway).

2. Pokemon Center stuff!!

3. I bought more purses than I can possibly use in my life.

4. The Shonen Jump shop is where I want to live now(though technically I didn't buy a bunch of stuff there I just...really wanna live there XD)

5. Clothes shopping 8U
I bought an awesome coat, some new shirts and such, a ton of new necklaces(all Alice related) and I'm gaining some hand me downs from Jen.

Pretty excited. The last two events planned are Tokyo Disney and this super adventure park where  everything is a physical challenge.

Plus my friend gained a spot on Yo ni mo Kimyouna Monogatari! Its a super famous show in Japan that's twice a year and its all these crazy sometimes sci-fi sometimes scary sometimes just silly stories.

In Weeaboo news, Got the new Pokemon game!! Picked Black for the Japanese version and when its released in America I'll buy White >8D I'll have EVERYTHING!!!
In other Weeaboo news, I'm gradually becoming a Kuroshitsuji fan. I even visited the Sqaure store and I've decided I WILL get the Phantomhive ring >8I

That's all. 8D I'll be back in about a week. I'm itching to do some digi-painting tooooooo~!!!!
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Submitted on
September 29, 2010