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Allright. Just packing now to go to Cali tonight!! Yaaaay early morning driving fun-times!! I haven't slept or showered yet because I JUST finished the Lombre hat for my friend Chris's costume and I'm painting the clips for my Luxio costume. We leave in four hours HAHAAA

Why do i have to cut these things so damned close.<--best line ever

I'll only be at AX on Sat but Friday I'm staying at JW Marriot which is attached(practically) to the Staples Center.

Why not go both days? Because we wanna go to the beach 8D. If you see a chubby Luxio gijinka running around in jeans that are just too damn skinny and a lombre with a huge hat COME SAY HELLO! If you see a SogeKing figure DON'T YOU DAMNED BUY IT >8( I WANT IT!!

See you there weenies!!
Pictures when I return!! (don't expect much. Much of this was last minute TT_TT)
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July 2, 2010


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