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Okay. So randomly I started drawing the Princesses in order of their release. I only messed up Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty ...heee
(And I threw in Alice because I'm biased as hell)

But randomly as I was going through I decided I was going to write about how I feel about their designs. Mostly to explain(mostly to myself I'm sure) why I change things up when I draw them.

It all started because Cinderella looks so big in my opinion. Not really in the movie. But in her merchandise she always has...this sort of heavy big shape. So it spurred me to talk about all of them. Even forgotten ol' Kida. I left Alice and Wendy and Pocahontas and Mulan out of it though. Pocahontas is technically a princess but...I still don't really count it as she's not a princess more as she is the daughter of a chief. Its debatable for Pocahontas. But you run into the conflict over who is technically the first American princess, Pocahontas or Tiana. I like Tiana best. And Mulan even after marriage isn't a princess. SHE'S A WARRIOR LoL

Also, I have NO RIGHT TO JUDGE THEM AT ALL. They are professionals, they spent MONTHS AFTER MONTHS working on these characters and designing them to absolute perfection. SO I AM IN NO WAY SAYING I COULD DO BETTER.
(But someday I'd love to help? LoL They won't hire my talentless ass)

Here we go
Snow white: Cute. Design wise VERY interesting but in the movie not...quite as much. The contrast on her black hair and white skin is fun to draw though. Especially since her hair is so short.

Cinderella: The story originally states that she should be dainty and small and SO MOTHER FUCKING FRENCH GRACEFUL! And in a way in the movie she is but in every art picture you find of her she looks so....big. JUST SO BIG. Like her breasts are kind of huge(for disney) and her dress looks cumbersome and weighty. Plus her hair is in a french design(understandably) and in art looks weird. In real life not really at all. The one thing I can't stand is that her ears are hidden by her blue...thingy on her head.
And sadly, her pretty silver dress is now boring old blue.

Sleeping Beauty: LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. I've always loved her design. But looking back she's awfully mature for a 16 year old LoL. She has a long face and I love that. Her dress is pretty but a bit...improbable? LoL At times its flouncy and huge but stationary its slim? Oh well. It looks GORGEOUS anyway. My only complaint is that she's stuck with ugly pink when she looked so prettier in blue. Nothing to do with design but her Prince....IS THE BEST!! 8D

Little Mermaid: A little dippy but design wise so  cute and who doesn't love a contrast color?! She's undeniably cute but she is a bit of a retard Lol I love that she's mostly naked for a good portion of the movie. And when she's underwater her hair is AWESOME. Above ground...its still awesome. The girl has volume that NOBODY should be allowed(no pun intended?) probably the only one who looks almost her age I think.
(How do you even notice Ariel when Ursula is around though!? So awesome)

Beauty and the Beast: For an amazing beauty she's awfully homely. LoL When the movie came out I figured I'd be most like Belle, but that's neither here nor there. Now that I think about it though...her homeliness makes sense. So I guess that's good? LoL Maybe I'm just lame but I thought Gaston's fanclub were cuter. Not much to say about Belle. Of course we all poop our pants when she's in her gold dress but once again outside the movie it just looks yellow. I think I'm prejudice because I think Silver is prettier than Gold. But I love the color yellow. LoL Conflicted feelings about Belle. I think I just wish she had prettier hair. Her normal look is cute but when its done up for the dance it...just looks...weird. I have more problems with that hairstyle than with Cinderella. The ponytail looks like a random dead weight.
In the end I'll say that her personality was far more interesting than her design LoL

Aladdin: I'm not gonna say this because Emi is my friend and loves Jasmine. I'm going to say this because its true. She's a stone cold fox. She wears the bikini top better than Ariel, she's got poofy pants that would NORMALLY make someone look dowdy but they work. That hair. THAT HAIR. What's with that hair? Its gravitational pull has a mind of its own. That hair plays on one of my favorite things. Black sillouettes. Granted its not a silouette but its not really...highlighted or shaded really. Just a big mass of black. Love it. She looks pretty good in her art too except for two main things. 1) her poses are crazy weird. She always has a bird on her finger or her hands are waving above her head. She's posed like a mincing queen but she was never like that. 2) THOSE FUCKING EARRINGS! What are they hanging from? The inside of her ear? In the movie they're hard to notice but in her art its ...insane. Literally sometimes they just hang from her hair. Her massive massive hair. She's fun to draw but those earrings....I think I have a hatred for when I can't see their ears. So when Jafar's Jasmine shows up...oooooh. Those ears show up again. Plus? HAAAAWWTTTTT. And that big mass of black hair is in a sport ponytail. LOVE IT!

Atlantis: Poor Kida. She's always forgotten. Always. BUT SHE IS A PRINCESS! And she has a pretty cool style! but I guess there's only room enough for one princess in a blue bikini and brown skin. But she had pretty white hair!! Atlantis has almost crazy anime style hair to it. I dunno why the movie is so forgotten since its almost steam-punk and that's so popular lately.
As for her design....I dunno. I like it but maybe because she's so under exposed by Disney I don't really have much to say. She's got great contrast and she fits in that very BLUE tinted movie perfectly but...*shrug*
I like her hair, and I like her form. Her arms are very lanky and she's clearly muscular but not heavy. She's sturdy and still light looking. Its weird but nice.

(Did you realize there was Atlantis II? I didn't)

Princess and the Frog: She was a favorite before the movie came out. I LOVE when fairy tales are retold with a bit more realistic point of view. Of COURSE no girl with a sane mind is going to kiss a frog even if it talks at her. Unless he's very convincing. And as charming as Naveen.
I LOVE TIANA'S DESIGN! I love her hair (biased again because its how I wear my hair all the time XD) I love her dress because its really light looking for a gown of that size. I love that its natural looking but not hippy looking. Her dress looks like forest magic without looking like she's marrying a tree ent. Her face is adorable and I love when she's singing about her dream restaurant and had short flapper hair. BECAUSE IN MY DREAM I WOULD TOO. All of her dresses were cute. Even her waitress one. ESPECIALLY HER WAITRESS ONE. She gets a G/D A+++.

Tangled: SO UNGODLY CUTE. I was disappointed that the music wasn't as ...DISNEY in this movie but she was too cute for words. LOVED her design and I loved that she had a purple dress. When her hair glows its so cute. But....her head looked SO BIG in comparison to everything else. Not that...that really bothered me much. I loved how slight she was and for the first time she actually looked YOUNGER than her age. We got a random rare number of 18 for her age.
And (Spoiler?) when she loses her hair and it turns brown she looked IMPOSSIBLY MORE ADORABLE. I think I like her blonde hair better because it matches her purple dress better but she was cute regardless. Oh. And Freckles? YEEEESSSSSSSSS.
Her body shape was perfect too. I'm sure they went over this in their creation of her but if she had been busty(like Cinderella) all that hair  added to her shape would have made her look HUGE. She was so tiny it was perfect. Also makes sense a bit since she's not really got a lot of room to exercise other than climbing all over the inside of that tower. And when she had her braided hair....loved it. Flowers in hair are a random "These are a few of my favorite things" thing. But her head was so big LoL Eyes were HUGE but ...everyone had big eyes in that movie. GREAT BIG ANIME EYES. LoL

LoL Long post but...mostly a ramble. I enjoyed doing. BUT THEY AREN'T REAL CRITIQUES! Just thoughts about their design.
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December 5, 2010