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Well what a year. A lot A LOOOOOTT of celebrities died this year and a lot of personal problems happened this year.
My dad lost his job, my friends dad got cancer, my other friend's father in law had two heart attacks two days in a row.
The economy is still kinda in the shitter but I'm an optimist and hopefully there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
I'm still working at Starbucks but I'm at the end of my rope. The other day I barely kept from throwing my apron on the floor, flipping the bird and walking out.

But its a new year so lets hope some of these things get fixed. Let's be optimistic for a new year!! 8D

I got some lofty plans this year!
I plan to getout of community college and on to UNLV.
I also plan to lose some weight before summer!
I plan to get back into cosplay!
I plan by next year to pass the JLPT 2. Lofty in that I barely passed three and haven't studied in over a year(almost two 8U)

My loftiest goal, to return back to Japanlands and see a SMAP live.
All my senses and future sight are pointing to a summer live. I can feel it. FEEEEL IIIITTTTT.
So that's my biggest goal.

I'm also on the threshold of getting new jobs so yaaaay~! I can't wait to hang up my apron for good.

In the meantime.....I plan to be completely morose over the loss of David Tennant as the Doctor. I'm still waiting for the second half of the final episode.
What will LIFE be like!? LIIIIFEEE~?!

LoL Okay enough of this journal.


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Submitted on
January 2, 2010