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It was....surprisingly fun! LoL It hurt a little to pay $50 bucks for the weekend when there wasn't a LOT to do con-wise that interested me.
I'm really used to AX where there's just SO MUCH that even if I go in the dealers hall a hundred times I'll still find something new. Or the MASS cosplaying and organized times for the cosplay meet-ups keep me running back and forth for photos.

So initially...:iconnoriko-chan-chan: and I were kinda done about half an hour into the first day XD

BUT! I met a lot A LOOOOOT of new people all of which were hysterical. I got to hang out at an Artist Alley booth for a long time (Kind of like a trial run at running my own booth eventually)
I got to meet a bunch of people I DID know on-line like Hannya and Setsu (LoL Who I still call Takaaaaaaaa in my head)

Oh! And I managed to get the Doctor badges that :iconblue-fox: was selling. They are now my pride and joy *3*

There were shenanigans, drinking, hilarious shouting, and PuddiPuddi.

I actually had a LOT of fun. PLUS some of my Vegas friends managed to win some stuff at the masquerade!

So all in all it was a good time. WTG ALA. The 50$ still hurt.
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Submitted on
January 10, 2011